The internet is indeed an indispensable tool for today’s education and career. The wealth of information that it gives people access to cannot be replaced. Unfortunately, technology has a whole lot of negative consequences for its users, too, especially when kids get themselves on social media. Kids and social media is not a very good combination. And this is why parents should teach them the safe and responsible way of using, not just Facebook. But their mobile devices and the internet in general.

The internet has provided numerous benefits like easy research, communication, and unlimited entertainment options. But with it come dangers like exposure to sexual predators, cyberbullies, identity thieves, inappropriate content and more.

How to Teach Kids to be Responsible

Fortunately, there is a way for kids to be safe from such dangers. What parents need to do is to learn how to teach kids to be responsible and how to use their mobile devices and the internet in a safe way.

And how can they do this? Technology and social media advice for parents with kids who have smartphones can be summarized in these tips.

  1. Educate your kids about the dangers of the internet. There is no better way to deal with the negative effects of technology than to provide knowledge about it to young users. With awareness, they will know how to handle inappropriate and harmful situations when using their mobile devices.
  2. Learn about internet safety laws. There are laws that aim to protect kids when they are online. Parents should be aware of this so their kids are not placed in a risky position.
  3. Use tools to protect your kids. There are parental settings and controls provided by your internet service provider that can be used to limit the access and block sites that you deem inappropriate for your child. Moreover, you can use monitoring apps to make sure your children are safe when using their devices.
  4. Be involved in your kids’ online activities. Constant communication and guidance of parents are one of the best ways of keeping children safe. Always be there for your kids and keep a close eye on their online activities as well as remind them of the guidelines you have in using their phones.

With these tips, you can instill responsibility in your child and teach them how to stay safe when going online.

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