Christmas is almost here, and chances are, you’re feeling a little stressed. I know I feel like I’m being pulled in 10 different directions. How do I get it all done, on top of my day job and keeping up with karate practice? I’ll tell you. It’s all about getting into the right frame of mind. I’m able to let go of how I had to catch a cheater in the act, or how many repairs I need to have done on my car. Instead, I focus on what needs to be done and think about how I can’t wait to spend time with my family again. Here are some of the ways that I personally reduce my stress levels around the holidays.

Focus On You

Even if it’s only a few minutes, take some time out of your day to focus on yourself. The holidays all about spending time with other people, mainly your family, but you should take care of you, too. Maybe you just went through a breakup where you were forced to catch a cheater in the act. Or the holiday season might not be going the way you imagined it. Whatever it is, you need a few moments to decompress.

Keep It Simple

You can't do absolutely everything.

Accept that there isn’t enough time to do everything.

Don’t go overboard. Remember that you’re only human and you can’t possibly do everything. Make sure you only commit to plans and events that you can not only attend, but enjoy.  The most important part of the season is family. It’s not worth attending every event, handling all the cooking, and buying all the presents if you can’t sit down and relax with the people you love.

Stay Within Your Budget

It’s not hard to accidentally overspend when you’re caught in the rush of buying Christmas presents. But you know what’s even easier and will leave you feeling less stressed? Creating a budget ahead of time and sticking to it. Resist the temptation to fall for “good deals” that make you buy more things than you were planning to. Besides, with the Internet, you can find the best price for just about any gift. You can also use it to look up decoration ideas, find out how to catch a cheater in the act, and try delicious new holiday recipes.

Try New Traditions

Not everything has to be perfect. We all imagine the picture perfect holiday dinner, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes, mistakes happen or things don’t go as planned. That’s why you should be open to trying new holiday traditions. Maybe you and your family will discover something fun that you never tried before, like making crafts or putting popcorn on the tree. You can share your own stories with me by clicking here.