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I Hired A Nanny And Don’t Feel Bad About It

I’m a stay at home mom and I hired a nanny and I refuse to let people make me feel bad about it although they try. There is this attitude in parenting circles that if you aren’t sacrificing everything for your kids that you’re a bad parent. But I think the opposite is true.

 I think that giving all my time and attention to my children leaves me depleted and then I can’t be a good mother or a good wife. So I hired a part-time nanny to help me with the kids. Having a nanny seems like a luxury to most people but the cost is really affordable and less than daycare in some places. So I refuse to think that I’m a bad mother because I hire a little extra help instead of taking my kids to daycare for a few hours each day. If you think about it having a nanny isn’t really that different from enrolling the kids in daycare.

The biggest difference between getting a few hours to myself by enrolling my kids in daycare and getting a few hours to myself by hiring a nanny is the perception that one makes me a good parent and the other makes me a lazy parent. But when my kids are with the nanny they are getting the kind of one on one attention that they can’t get at a daycare. And the nanny takes them on fun outings like the zoo or the park or the aquarium so that they can play and learn about new things. And I get time to get a shower, do some laundry, and clean the house as well as talk to a friend or just relax for a little while.

There’s also a perception that as the stay at home moms we aren’t supposed to get tired or frustrated or overwhelmed but that’s not realistic. Everyone gets overwhelmed by parenting and trying to maintain a household. There is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring some help to make it easier and to make things run more smoothly. My kids are thriving and so am I. I need time by myself just like every parent needs time to themselves. And my kids are getting to do things that I wouldn’t have to do with them.

The cost of reliable daycare is skyrocketing. In most places, the cost of daycare is higher than the salary that one parent can earn. And that’s if you can even get a spot at a reliable daycare. There are long waiting lists for the best schools and daycare programs and no parent wants to send their child to a substandard daycare facility. If you look at the cost of hiring a nanny versus the cost of daycare you might find that in your area a nanny is cheaper. That’s definitely true here. So I’m spending less money and getting better care for my kids as well as some down time for myself. That’s not poor parenting, it’s smart parenting.

Should You Let Your Kids Use Facebook Messenger For Kids?

Just recently, Facebook put out a new app designed for kids between the ages of 6 to 12. Facebook Messenger For Kids is supposed to make it easier for families to communicate, stay in touch, and perform a cell phone lookup on people they don’t know. But does it? Should you really be letting your 7-year-old use Facebook Messenger? Parents are divided.

Support For Messenger For Kids

The biggest argument in favor of the app is that kids should learn how to use social media responsibly. In theory, giving them access to social media accounts early on will teach them to be responsible with them. This includes running a cell phone lookup on anyone whose name they don’t recognize. But that’s just in theory. In practice, will that actually happen? I’m not sure if I’d want my 7-year-old reaching for a smartphone instead of Stuart Little at night. I’d rather they learn to read actual books, not emoji-filled messages from their friends.

Another reason why some parents think Messenger For Kids is great is because the video chat feature in the regular app also works in Messenger For Kids. That means grandparents and other relatives can video chat with their younger relatives. While this is probably a good thing, a lot of kids already use FaceTime to chat with their relatives and far away friends. They don’t need to use Messenger for that. All they need to do is tell Siri to FaceTime their grandparent, cousin, or other relative.

Arguments Against Messenger For Kids

Young kids shouldn't be on the Internet.

It’s not always a good idea for young kids to be on social media.

Critics of the app raise concerns, not just about kids that may be too young to use social media, but also about the potential for bullying and other problems. Even though the app has some safety features set up and requires parents to create their child’s account, I still think it’s just more trouble than it’s worth. Children might not realize that they should be using a cell phone lookup to learn more about online strangers. I don’t see any really compelling reasons why younger kids should be on social media. There’s plenty of time for them to start using it when they’re teenagers.

Recent studies have found that using social media is causing epidemic levels of depression and low self-esteem among teens. I don’t want children to increase their risk of developing these problems by exposing them to social media when they aren’t even in third grade yet. They should be focusing on developing their imaginations, not their friends list.

So while some parents may find it useful, I recommend that most younger children shouldn’t be allowed to use Messenger For Kids. In my opinion, the benefits of the app aren’t worth it. There are plenty of other ways for kids to stay in touch with family and friends without using Facebook Messenger. They can enjoy social media, selfies, and likes on their posts when they get older.

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