Marlon T. Odell

A day at the pool.

Chillin’ poolside.

Hey! The name’s Marlon, but sometimes I just go by “Mar.” I’m a fairly laidback dude who’s just trying to get through life. We all know it’s not easy, especially when we have to worry about threats to our personal safety. The past few years, I’ve really come to value my place in this life. That’s why self-defense is so important to me. When I have some free time outside of my day job (I work as an accountant), I study karate. It helps me strengthen both my body and my mind so I can be the best possible version of myself. Occasionally, I’ll dabble in MMA, but karate is really my passion.

My Story

I’ve lived in Vermont all my life. Every year, though, my family takes a vacation to our summer home in Florida. That’s where the picture above was taken. I always find myself missing the sun and warm weather, but nothing could take me away from Vermont. If you’ve ever been here, then you know how amazing the scenery is. And I promise that you won’t meet nicer people anywhere else. I’ve traveled to plenty of other cities and states, and I never felt at home anywhere else. In Vermont, I’m at ease; I never have to worry about my personal safety.

Actually, it was a trip to New York City that opened my eyes to just how unsafe the world can be. I went with a few of my buddies from high school right after we all graduated. Even though we made sure to avoid bad areas and shady establishments, my good friend Jim ended up getting mugged when he deviated from the group one night. Not only did I feel guilty that I wasn’t there to help him, but I realized that there wasn’t much I could have done. I was a lanky kid back then. That’s when I understood the importance of both physical and mental strength. In addition to practicing karate, I also meditate daily and reflect on all the different relationships in my life. What do you do to better yourself? Do you have any self-defense tactics that you think I should know about? Write me! I might even feature it on this blog.